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Buy the top line of paint if you can afford it
If you ask a paint retailer for the top line of paint, he'll be happy to sell that to you. If you ask him for a lower priced paint, he'll sell you that as well. It's up to you to decide what you want, but remember that there is no "bargain" to be had. Better quality costs more money, but it can also save you money and frustration:

• you may only need two coats rather than three
• top line paint will (usually) wash more easily
• top line paint will look better

Reliable Painters uses Benjamin Moore paints
I use Benjamin Moore paint for my clients' homes, with only rare exceptions when Benjamin Moore does not sell a product I need.

I use Benjamin Moore's Aura® paints whenever advisable. I do not use Ben® or Eco-Spec® paint, which is what most painting contractors who buy from Benjamin Moore choose to use.

It costs more money to use high end paints, but the money is well invested.

Differences in costs of Benjamin Moore paints

• Aura $100.00 gallon (average retail in Edmonton)
• Regal $90.00 gallon (average retail in Edmonton)
• Ben $70 gallon (average retail in Edmonton)
• Eco-Spec

You can save about $30 a gallon by choosing a third-rate line of paint instead of a top line. Don't be tempted to do this—it's simply not worth it.

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