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Tools for the Do-It-Yourself House Painter

Depending on your project, you may require different sets of painting tools. Below is a sample project with a list of tools you may require for it.

#1. Repainting a Bedroom

For this project we'll imagine that you are repainting a bedroom (10 feet x 10 feet), although you are not painting the textured ceiling, doors, baseboards or trim. You're only painting the walls, which have been previously painted.

Plastic roller tray suitable for a 9-inch roller
Roller cage (9-inch)
Roller sleeve (9-inch)
Paint brush (2 1/2 inch sash style)
Cloth/canvas drop sheets (2)
Step ladder
Roller pole
Empty plastic pail

Paint (1 gallon should be enough for 2 coats)
Patching compound (to repair surface damage)
Masking tape (One roll of 1 1/2 inch to protect trim)
Fine sanding sponge

Gloves and rags

The approximate cost of the tools—assuming you don't already own them—is $100 to $120. The approximate cost of materials is $55 to $95, depending on the quality of the paint.

This entire project will require you to spend between $155 and $215 on tools and materials.

Extra costs:

The cost of a project can increase, depending on the specifics. For example:
• If the walls were previously painted with oil paint, you will need primer to guarantee adhesion of the finish coat.
• If you are painting a textured ceiling, you will need a dedicated product and a specialty roller—and possibly an additional paint brush.
• If you are painting trim and doors, you may need additional paint of a different color.

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