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Roller Tray (Paint Tray)

Paint Tray

A paint tray holds paint for you to dip your paint roller into. How complicated could a paint tray be? Well, there are all sorts of trays, and lots of differences between them. For example, there are vinyl trays and galvanized metal trays. There are trays that hold an entire gallon of paint, and trays that hold less than a quart of paint.

My advice is to use a 1/2 gallon vinyl tray (about 10 inches across) like the one pictured above. Good quality vinyl trays are very durable, and the half-gallon trays usually have a rounded bottom so they slide easily on a tarp or other flat surface. (The full gallon trays have a bottom which does not slide easily, and the size makes them awkward to handle, even with two hands.) Vinyl trays are less likely to mark a surface they're placed on, whereas the metal trays are notorious for the scratches they cause.

Vinyl trays are easy to clean, even after the paint dries in them. Metal trays cannot be cleaned once the paint is dry in them.

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